Looking Forward to a New Year!!

Please consider our hall for rent for your special event, meeting or wedding. Call or email our office and our Hall Manager can answer any and all questions you may have. One trip to our location and you will be sold on it. All of our Shriner functions are open to the public and we look forward to meeting you in the near future. Our new caterer Karin of Coles Catering has been providing fantastic meals. We have only heard great comments from all the events held since she has become our caterer. Wedding season is approaching so please consider our hall for your special event.

President’s Remarks

The members of the Executive are planning numerous events for 2019 with the aim of having fun. Of course the
success or otherwise of these events depend on you, the members coming out and taking part. So, do your best to
get out to as many of these events as you possibly can and bring your spouse/partner and friends.

Noble Colin Blakelock

"having Fun!...Helping Our Kids!"